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What is a digital camera, a mechanical camera? Comparison of mechanical and digital cameras
  • What is a mechanical camera?
  • What is a digital camera?

You are planning to buy yourself a camera, but do not know what a mechanical camera is, what is a digital camera? If you are wondering about these two concepts, let's find out together in the article!

What is a mechanical camera?

A mechanical camera (also known as a film camera, mechanical camera) is a mechanical camera that uses film to create pictures.

  1. One is 100% mechanical operation (manual film by rotating shaft), no batteries required.
  2. Second, there is a battery, but only for automatic film or metering, and the mechanism for creating photos is still based on mechanical activity.


In principle, a mechanical camera needs a perfect combination of film sensitivity and light to produce a good image. Due to the need for the film to take pictures and to wait for "photo washing" to have the finished product, because of these inconveniences, film cameras are no longer popular today.

The advantage of this machine is that the photos are extremely accurate in color, contrast, and detail, even compared to many digital cameras, the mechanical camera is still somewhat "better" in terms of quality. several images.


However, now there are many people who misunderstand the concept of a mechanical camera, thinking that a mechanical camera is a DSLR camera because its parameters can be customized manually, others understand that a mechanical camera is not just a camera. DSLRs but also include mirrorless (mirrorless cameras), these concepts are incorrect.

What is a digital camera?

Digital camera (also known as digital camera) is an electronic camera, which uses batteries and electrical components to operate to create pictures, automatically in image acquisition as well as processing, because So DSLR and mirrorless cameras are exactly digital cameras.


Instead of using film, digital cameras will use an image sensor, the sensor's task is to capture light and convert the collected image signal into an image. image sensor among other factors.

The advantage of digital cameras is self-convenience when taking pictures, easy control and manipulation. In addition, today's digital cameras are also integrated with many more functions such as: Filming, recording, remote control, connecting to phones, ... in addition, many cameras can customize many modes. Different shooting levels and effects for extremely interesting photos.


Hope the above information will help you to have more information about different types of cameras.

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