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What is Aperture Priority Mode? How to use?
  • What is Aperture Priority Mode?
  • When to use aperture priority mode?
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Do you often see the letter A or Av on the camera dial? This is the symbol for aperture priority mode. So what is this mode? Used how? Find out with us right here!


What is Aperture Priority Mode?

First of all, you need to know that three factors directly affect the amount of light entering the camera:

  1. Lens aperture.
  2. Shutter speed.
  3. ISO speed.

Depending on the different shooting modes, these three parameters are adjusted automatically or by different interventions and controlled by the photographer. They are combined in different ways to produce the same amount of light, but the effect can be different according to the photographer's intention.

Aperture priority mode allows the user to control the aperture (the aperture of the lens), while the camera sets the shutter speed and ISO (if allowed). The larger the aperture, the more light flows through the aperture, making the image brighter.

In addition, the smaller the aperture, the greater the depth of field (the clear area of the image), and all subjects in the foreground and background are guaranteed to be in focus. Conversely, the depth of field will be shallower, separating the subject from the background, making the subject sharp and the background blurred.

Aperture is measured in f/stop numbers, for example f/1.4, f/2.8, f/8 or f/32. The smaller this number, the larger the aperture, and vice versa. This mode is suitable when it is necessary to highlight the subject, other objects as well as the background is blurred.


When to use aperture priority mode?

It can be seen that the main effect of aperture priority mode is to change the depth of field - Depth of Field (DOF), so most people use Av mode when they want to shoot in this case.

If you want a shallow depth of field like the one below, only the flowers will be in focus and the foreground and background will be blurred. You need to choose a large aperture (for example, choose f/1.4 as shown in the image). If you want an overall clear image, choose a smaller aperture (choose f/22, for example).


When choosing an aperture, keep in mind that the camera will automatically adjust the shutter speed. When taking pictures, you need to pay attention to keeping the handgrip still after pressing the shutter button (usually about 1/60th). Once the shutter speed is slower than this you may need a tripod.


Above is useful information about aperture priority mode and how to use it. We hope that through this article, you will be able to record beautiful frames as you wish!

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